Wis. (WLAX/WEUX) – Governor Tony Evers is reintroducing legislation to repeal Wisconsin’s 1849 abortion ban.

“We’re not flirting with fringe ideas; what this bill will do is simple. It will restore access to safe legal access to abortion in Wisconsin to what it was on June 23, 2022. Nothing more, nothing less.”

This announcement is something Gracie Skogman, the Legislative Impact Director at Wisconsin Right to Life, says is not surprising.

“This is far from the first effort from Governor Evers to prevent this law from being effective. But here at Wisconsin Right to Life, we have seen firsthand lives that have been saved because of this law. So, we will continue to advocate for the law and continue to just spread that positive message that it is saving lives.”

This proposal comes after state republicans introduced legislation last week providing exceptions of rape and incest to the current abortion ban. This is something state representative Karen Hurd says her constituents want.

“I’m to represent the people who elected me to this position and the people who elected me to this position. They are overwhelmingly in my district. 85% say they would like an abortion ban. But they would like that ban to have exceptions. And so that is the republican legislators that have put that forth as another bill.”

Governor Evers says he will not support their proposal. Arguing it doesn’t do enough.

Evers: “I’ve been clear from the start that I won’t sign a bill that leaves Wisconsin women with fewer rights and freedoms than they had before the US Supreme Court overturned Roe. Simply put, republican’s bill doesn’t cut it.”

In the upcoming spring election, Eau Claire County voters will be able to share their thoughts on abortion in an advisory referendum. That advisory referendum will not change the law in Wisconsin. It is meant to show what Eau Claire County voters think on this issue.