Tedeschi in The Long Christmas Dinner

LA CROSSE, Wis. (WLAX/WEUX) –What do you believe? What do you feel? What are you sure of? Theatregoers will be asking those questions and many more when Grey Area Productions opens its latest show, Lucas Hnath’s The Thin Place, opening October 19th at The Pump House.

The Thin Pace sees Hilda seeking answers across the fragile boundary between our world and the other one. The grieving Hilda befriends an English medium named Linda who says she can make those who believe enough hear the voices of the deceased, offering peace, closure, and meaning. The Thin Place questions reality, probes the impressionability of the mind and brings to light the omnipresence of death.

McManimon-Moe in Mitzi’s Abortion

Grey Area is no stranger to challenging its audiences. Faith in humanity, ambiguity of the abortion debate, loneliness, and survival at any cost are just a few of the topics they have tackled. This time around they are not only challenging audiences, but they are also gonna scare them a little bit too. Chelsea McManimon-Moe (Hilda) says “I have never been to a show whose intention was to unsettle you and that is exactly what this play sets out to do. You are gonna leave shook in some way.” Katie Bakalars (Sylvia) adds, “It almost feels like an interactive or immersive experience even though it’s not really that.”

As director Colin Thelen puts it, “It’s a chance to figure out where your fear lies and why. A chance for you to scare yourself.” With this being the Season of Spooky, The Thin Place sounds like the perfect late October Evening.

Bakalars in The Few

Who: Grey Area Productions
What: The Thin Place by Lucas Hnath
Where: The Pump House Regional Arts Center
When: October 19th-29th (Th-Su)
How: thepumphouse.org

Hilda – Chelsea McManimon-Moe
Linda – Sara Tedeschi
Sylvia – Katie Bakalars
Jerry – Evan Blattner

Directed by: Colin Thelen