Grocery Bill on the Rise?

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You may be spending more on your groceries this year, especially on eggs. The Wisconsin Farm Bureau released their market basket semi-annual survey, which looks at the cost of 16 common food items. Among the list, eggs had the biggest price jump. The cost of a dozen large, grade ‘A’ eggs increased by nearly 72 percent over the last year, from $1.71 to $2.94.

This comes as a result of the avian influenza outbreak in Midwest poultry flocks last spring. Wisconsin Farm Bureau spokesman Casey Langan says we’ve likely seen the highest price they’ll reach this year, as long as the avian influenza doesn’t return this fall.

Langan: “The silver lining to this is that poultry is one of those areas that can quickly repopulate itself. So unlike maybe hogs or cattle, it shouldn’t take as long for poultry flocks to beef up their numbers again.”

Among the other food items surveyed, the cost of white bread increased this year by nearly 25 percent, and the cost of whole milk decreased by 13 percent.

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