PIGEON FALLS Wis. (WLAX/WEUX) – At this home on Main Street in Pigeon Falls there are tricks along with plenty of treats every October. Starting with the roof, every square foot of the Lyga family home is decked out in the Halloween spirit.

“When that’s done, then it’s little by little. He’ll bring out the gargoyles and the tombstones.”

The Lygas started decorating for the spooky holiday more than 20 years ago when the air force took them overseas.

“When we were stationed in Turkey, we kind of had this idea. We didn’t have much stuff there, so we had this idea of throwing yarn up and down the townhouse and making a giant spiderweb.”

From then on wherever they live. From California to England to Wisconsin. The Lygas take the Halloween spirit with them.

“You can be so creative, and you can do something that can be people that like the horror and gore of it, but like I said nothing moves, nothing screams, nothing jumps.”

To make the cut for her annual display, Lyga says she only has a few rules:

“Just anything that looks neat and trying to get the classics maybe. What everybody knows from the horror films.”

That’s brought together 12-foot skeletons along with the dolls from the Shining and the slasher film character Michael Myers.

“The kids are okay to run around, and I get some that show up scared but I usually take them by the hand up to something and let them slap a zombie, and it doesn’t move and they’re like oh. Next thing you know, they’re in and out of everything having to take a closer look.”

For some of those trick or treaters their favorite part:

“The windows.”

“Because their arms are moving.”

And while the Halloween House goes all out, for the younger generation:

“It’s not too scary. They’re fake.”

With this holiday just about over, the Lygas are already planning next year’s display. Lyga says it takes about a whole month to complete the display, but she says it only takes a day to take it all down, which will happen tomorrow. While they do put up some Christmas decorations, Halloween is the focus for this family.