MONDOVI Wis. (WLAX/WEUX) – When members of one family moved to Mondovi more than a decade ago, they wanted to grow food for their table. A few years ago, they started sharing that hard work with others.

When work brought the Schneider family from the eastern part of the state to the Mondovi area, they were looking for a home out in the country.

“We were just looking for rural property to raise our kids, feed them nutrients, just grow food for ourselves and zero intention of raising anything for the public. Zero intention of bringing people to our place to do anything. It all just started organically with us just wanting to feed our children the best food we can raise ourselves.”

Without a farming background, Stephanie Schneider says it was a learning curve.

“Not coming into it with any farming experience on the one hand was a benefit because it helped us get to where we wanted to go directly, but the disadvantage of that was we didn’t know what we were doing, so we had to figure it out.”

Through that effort, the Schneider family created Together Farms to raise grass-fed beef and lamb as well as pasture raised pork. Along the way, the Schneiders started raising meat for the community in addition to their family. That led to bringing people out to the farm.

“Our friends and family when they would come to visit, they’d be like this is a beautiful space. You need to bring people here. And I thought, you know that is interesting because while I love farmers markets, I don’t want to spend the rest of my life standing at a farmers market in a concrete parking lot when I have this beautiful farm.”

As part of drawing the community to Together Farms, they created Burger Nights: an opportunity to cook up their meat and share it with others.

Schneider says it’s been so popular, they had to start buying meat from other Wisconsin farms too. With their success, Schneider says they’re working to build a new farm store.

“That’s going to be full of products from lots of different farms and growers and producers, and it’s just another way to build this community.”

As they’re in it together with other farmers, the Schneider family also has another mission as well:

“We try to make it as easy as possible, as convenient as possible. We try to remove any obstacles that we can between good food, direct from the farm, directly to your house.”

For those living near the farm, online orders are delivered to your door. Orders are also shipped throughout the Midwest.

As they plan for the future of their farm, the Schneiders say one thing is key: they’re all in it together.

Burger Nights at together farms are Thursday through Saturday. It’s a seasonal event running from May to October. The final Burger Night of the year is this Saturday.