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Right now, many high school athletes are gearing up for their fall sports seasons. And in the wake of Jordy Nelson’s season ending injury Fox 25-48’s Courtney Ryan takes a closer look at the risks high school athletes face.
From professional athletes to high. Some studies say that about 60% of all sports injuries that occur, occur with the knee.
“Injuries are part of the game. Probably the most injuries we see is from contact sports. Football, hockey, just because of the physical aspect with it but we can see injuries in any sport.”
Lynn Reuss is the head athletic trainer for Eau Claire Memorial High School and has seen a number of serious injuries like ACL tears.
“We see it more in girls than we do boys. There are several reasons for that. Their skeletal make up makes them more prone for that. The ACL is located on the inside of your knee. Its primary function is to prevent the tibia or the shine bone from sliding forward. In addition it also provides rotational stability.
“When we treat ACLs we reconstruct them.”
He says it can take months to recover from an ACL injury.
“So we take it out of the knee and then reconstruct it with another piece of tissue.”
Reuss says there is no way to prevent injuries but says there is a way to reduce their risk.
“Getting into the weight room and strengthening in their knees and their core makes a big difference in helping to reduce these injuries.”
Courtney Ryan, Fox 25-48 News at Nine.
Crow says this time of year he treats more athletes for MCL injuries, which are caused by direct impact to the knee. It can take up to six weeks to heal from an MCL injury.

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