EAU CLAIRE Wis. (WLAX/WEUX) – At one park in downtown Eau Claire, you can take a walk and learn more about the city’s history. An installment of plaques displaying Eau Claire historical information along Phoenix Park is now complete.

“I think it was an idea that came out of the parks department as a way of adding interest and history to this area.”

President of the Eau Claire Community Parks Association Dave Peterson says it took sixty-five hundred dollars to finish what was started over a decade ago.

“There were two plaques installed about fifteen years ago.”

And there was a plan to have 5 more.

Now if you take a stroll in the park, seven plaques will give you some sense of how Eau Claire came to be. Some of the plaques include this one named boundary, another named Destination, and there’s this one called New Home.

“It celebrates a variety of the immigrants that have come here. Norwegian, Germans, and Polish people. And more lately, people from Laos. The Hmong families that have come to the area.”

One of the original two plaques tells us how the park got its name.

“This is another plaque here about the Phoenix Corporation that built the log haulers that I just mentioned. And again, this is why Phoenix Park has its name, based on the Phoenix Company that was here years ago.”

Peterson says projects like these are what give Eau Claire its character.

“When you’re going around town and you’re looking at some of these projects, we just thank our donors that have given money to the foundation, association, that can allow these things to happen here in Eau Claire.”

“We’re just happy to have this project completed.”

The Eau Claire Community Parks Association is a non-profit group working to promote the city’s parks. The group has worked on many projects including renovations at Carson Park and creating grants for families to use the city’s pool.