HOLMEN Wisc. (WLAX/WEUX) – Mayo Clinic Health System is showing its support for area schools through its “season of gratitude” program. A total of 50-thousand dollars is being shared among eight school districts.

The school district of Holmen is receiving 45 hundred dollars to address students’ mental health and social-emotional needs. The money will help pay for mental health evaluations or therapy sessions for students who can’t afford it.   

Jill Mason of the Holmen school district said, “Some of them have really struggled coming back in person with some anxiety, or other types of fears or concerns, so we really want to make sure that the school district of Holmen is a place where they feel they belong.”

The program also supported the districts of Arcadia, Sparta, and Onalaska. The La Crosse school district received the most funding at 20-thousand dollars.