WASHINGTON D.C. (WLAX/WEUX) – Finally, after three weeks of behind-the-scenes battles, the House has a new leader. Republicans celebrating on the House floor, Wednesday, after successfully electing a new Speaker to the House of Representatives.

Louisiana congressman Mike Johnson is the leader Republicans were finally able to rally behind 22 days after his predecessor, Kevin McCarthy, was removed, throwing the Lower Chamber into disarray.

Johnson says: “The challenge before us is great, but, the time for action is now and I will not let you down.”

While it took McCarthy 15 rounds of votes to ultimately win the Speakership in January, Johnson won in just one round.

Some say it’s because Republicans are exhausted from this process.

Others believe Johnson is the best man for the job.

“A man of deep faith, Mike epitomizes what it means to be a servant leader.”

And even though lawmakers have been unable to work on any legislation for three weeks now, the man behind McCarthy’s removal says it was worth it.

Gaetz says: “I promised the Republican Party that at the end of this process we would upgrade the position of Speaker of the House, that we would end with someone who is more conservative and who is more honest. Mike Johnson fulfills that commitment.”

“He’s gonna make us all proud.”

Johnson starts his new role with a busy agenda ahead.

Urgency to pass funding to support Israel at war while also staring down a November 17th Government Funding Deadline.

Taking the gavel on Wednesday, Johnson became the 56th Speaker in history and the first from Louisiana.

In Washington, Rebekah Castor, Fox News.

Wisconsin Republican Representative Tom Tiffany released a statement after Mike Johnson was voted in as Speaker of the House today. He says, “I look forward to working with Speaker Johnson to reign in the Biden administration’s reckless spending, secure the border, and bring much-needed relief to the American people.”

Representative Derrick Van Orden did not vote for a speaker today. He is currently overseas in Israel. He says he is in that country so he can speak from an informed position on the war that is currently ongoing.