The case accusing former University of Wisconsin- Eau Claire Vice Chancellor Albert Colom of gender-based negative work environments has been dismissed.

Chancellor James Schmidt said investigators found that there was insufficient evidence that any UWEC policy had been violated.

Director of Affirmative Actions and Title IX Coordination Teresa O’Halloran is dismissing the matter,.

Earlier this year, Angela Swenson-Holzinger submitted a complaint against Colom before resigning from UWEC. She claimed he disparaged other female leader all the time in meetings and never once critiqued a male leader.

“There is insufficient evidence that Colom violated the University’s Sexual Violence and Sexual Harassment Policy”, Schmidt said in a statement. “There is not sufficient evidence to conclude that Mr. Colom bullied employees.”

During the investigation Colom stated he pushed staff to look at things from a different angle, to challenge conventional thinking.

Colom’s last day working at UWEC was Friday, Feb. 21 and he stated his resignation from the university would be September 2.