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 There has been near daily violence between Palestinian’s and Israeli’s for the past month. The ongoing conflict showing no signs of coming to an end. And leaders from Israel and Palestine point fingers at one another as tensions ramp up in the Middle East. All this while a number of Jewish activists step up their claim to a highly contested holy site, sacred to both Jews and Muslims. Fox News correspondent Shannon Bream has more.

Jewish activists are stepping up their claim to a holy site, caught in the middle of the Israeli / Palestinian conflict. To Muslims the area is known as the Noble Sanctuary, to Jews it’s referred to as the Temple Mount. The tension surrounding the site helped to spark the recent wave of violence in that region.

“There is nothing for the Jews there, only Palestine. The compound is ours. The Western Wall is ours.”

In an effort to ease the tension, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu banned politicians from the area. One Arab lawmaker, was accused of violating that order. Netanyahu says the visit was only meant to cause trouble.

Netanyahu: “I promise you he didn’t do it so he could pray. He did it only for provocation, only to inflame tension.’

Meantime, the violence in the region continues the Israeli military says it shot a Palestinian after he allegedly tried to stab a soldier in the west bank. That incident comes as amnesty international released a report claiming in some cases Israeli troops have used excessive force.

Amnesty International’s Hilal Aloush: “It appears that the Israeli force intend to use lethal force instead of trying to arrest suspect.”

Secretary of State John Kerry is calling on both sides to end the violence.

Kerry: “A two-state solution with strong security protections remains the only viable alternative.”

Palestinian president Mahmoud Abbas says Israel is in violation international law and is calling for protection for Palestinians. While Netanyahu has blamed the violence on incitement by Palestinian leaders including Abbas.

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