WAUKESHA Wis. (WLAX/WEUX) – A judge has denied a change of venue request for the suspect in the Waukesha Christmas Parade attack. Lawyers for Darrel Brooks argued he can’t get a fair trial in Waukesha County based on the results of a mailed jury questionnaire.

Out of 15-hundred potential jurors, nearly half said they attended the Christmas Parade or knew someone who did. The defense says that represents a tainted jury pool and pushed for either a change of venue or to pick a jury made up of people from another county.

Judge Jennifer Dorow says it’s ok if jurors are familiar with the case or watched news reports on it. She says a juror only needs to be impartial. The prosecution argued to the judge that it would be hard to get a jury outside of the county. 

“Nobody is going to easily be able to set aside a month of their life to devote to this trial. We understand that that number probably would go higher if we had to bring people from another county to Waukesha and sequester them.”

The judge wants jurors to be sequestered during the day but allowed to return home at night. The trial is set to start October 3rd.