CEDARBURG, Wis. (WLAX/WEUX) – Milk is one of the most highly requested items for food pantries but because of the challenge of refrigerating it, most food pantries can’t keep it around for too long. Today, Kemps manufacturing facility in Cedarburg donated 800,000 shelf stable ‘Giving Cow’ milks to food banks throughout the Midwest, including 30,000 chocolate milk packs going to Second Harvest Food Bank of Southern Wisconsin. The ‘Giving Cow’ milk cartons are a shelf-stable solution that doesn’t require refrigeration. Kemps retail sales manager,

Chris Jeserig, says, “We realize that the food pantries from a storage perspective don’t have a lot of space for refrigerated milk. So, this is a nice option to just be able to put it next to canned goods and not have to take refrigerated space to be able to house it and give it to those that are in need of milk.”

The ‘Giving Cow’ cartons will last up to 12 months. While fresh milk only lasts about 20 days.