LA CROSSE, Wis. (WLAX/WEUX) – Community members in La Crosse are voicing their opinions on what should happen with the old Kmart building.

An open house from three sixty real estate allowed attendees to offer suggestions for what they want to see the site turn into.

Ideas ranged from affordable housing to retail stores to restaurants.

Three sixty is compiling the responses from the community and will return with a new plan in the next few months.

Marvin Wanders, Three Sixty Real Estate owner said, “We’ll start doing design sketches, and that will take 30-90 days, somewhere in there to really get it laid out, and then we’ll come back to the neighborhood again and say here’s our thoughts based on the input you’ve given us.”

The building has been vacant since Kmart closed in 2017.

U-Haul had purchased the building in January with plans to open a retail showroom, but the company pulled out of the project in March.