LA CROSSE, Wis. (WLAX/WEUX) – The final moments of three men shot to death in La Crosse County last week were revealed Thursday afternoon.

The details came hours after deputies announced two wanted suspects had been found and were in jail. First News at Nine’s Alex Loroff breaks down what we learned today

La Crosse County Sheriff Jeffrey Wolf Outlined the way Trevor Maloney, Nemo Yang, and Peng Lor were led to their deaths.

“On July 23rd, 2021 at 4:57 am, three bodies were discovered at the entrance to the Romskog Quarry,” said Wolf.

Hours after their bodies were found, a woman who claimed to be there when the mend died called the police, saying she knew what happened.

“B.L.S. said that she was told to follow the Mercedes which she did, they then stopped at the location where the homicides,” said Wolf.

A man she knows as “black” was driving the Mercedes, and when they arrived at the quarry he handed a gun to “Kush”– whose name is Nya Thao.

Then, she said, 33-year-old Thao shot each man. Investigators say they quickly learned that “black” was 44-year-old Khamthaneth Rattanasack.

He had just left prison and claimed Nemo had stolen from him.

“Information was provided that the homicides were over a $600 debt,” said Wolf.

Wolf adds the shootings may also be tied to feuding gangs.

“Investigators believe that some of the victims and suspects were potential members of the “true Asian Bloods” and the “Crazy Hmong Boys”,” said Wolf.

Rattanasack was found and arrested in Amherst on Wednesday evening, while Thao was taken into custody in Wausau early Thursday. 

With the crime having possible ties to rival gangs, Wolf says law enforcement will be protecting those who helped them with the investigation.

“Obviously there are witnesses that cooperated in the case, we’re working with them, we’re in contact with them to ensure their safety,” said Wolf.

Work continues to establish the timeline of the suspects and determine the full extent of their relationship with the victims.

In La Crosse, Alex Loroff, First News at Nine.

Rattanasack and Thao were transported to the La Crosse County Jail Thursday morning.

They both face three counts of first-degree intentional homicide and will appear in La Crosse County Circuit Court tomorrow afternoon.