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One local organization wants to remind young people about how they can report information on crime to authorities. Fox 25/48’s Erin O’Brien has more details on the La Crosse area crime stopper’s student safety line.

After suspicious packages at UW-La Crosse prompted student evacuations yesterday, and a bomb threat found in Menomonie High School led to canceled classes today, the La Crosse area crime stoppers wants to remind students that it’s better to be safe than sorry.

Their ‘student safety line’ offers a fifty dollar cash reward to students in the greater La Crosse area who provide information that leads to the recovery of alcohol, drugs, or weapons on school property.

“What we’re trying to do is take away the two primary inhibiting factors for people to get involved, one being fear and one being apathy. Fear, we try to assuage that by allowing anonymity to take over so students can remain anonymous if they so choose. And the apathy piece, clearly we want students to be interested in the safety of their buildings.”

It’s a program that the crime stoppers say is becoming more important every day.

“The safety line was originally developed for weapons, drugs, if there’s a fight going on or someone’s getting bullied and things like that, you could report it. Nowadays, with everything else that’s going on in this world, from yesterday at UW-L to Menomonie today, they could use that line too to report it.”

The student safety line has been around for five years, and they say they get about one or two calls each month, many of which they say prove to be quite valuable for police.

“It’s been a fairly used program with the students. Just this morning at one of our local schools we received a tip that several students had drugs with them and we followed up on that tip and we were able to take drugs out of our schools this morning. So the tip is popular, the students know about it, and with that confidentiality that is part of the crime stoppers program it’s a successful program. “

In La Crosse, Erin O’Brien FOX 25/48 News at 9.

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