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Students at Logan high school in La Crosse are using their skills to help the community. Two construction classes worked together to construct new vegetable cleaning tables for the Kane Street community garden. Fox 25/48’s Erin O’Brien has more on how the students are taking their lessons outside of the classroom.

The Kane street community garden is growing in more ways than one. Garden director Todd Huffman says the new cleaning tables are much needed as more food is produced each year.

Todd Huffman: “We have no really good way to wash off our vegetables. Our garden is all about teaching about gardening, and then growing a lot of produce. We harvested over 34,000 pounds this year and a lot of that food was given out kind of dirty. Really our kitchen sinks aren’t designed to handle a lot of soil. So this is a really simple and effective way to wash the vegetables. We’ll put them out on the tables and hose them down. They’ll be a lot more attractive product.”

Steve Johnston, the technology and engineering teacher behind the class project says the tables took about three weeks to build. Each table is four by eight feet and there’s a screen on top which allows water and dirt to fall through. It’ll make cleaning the thousands and thousands of pounds of vegetables so much faster and easier. Students from the building construction class and a pre-construction course for students with special needs contributed to the project.

Logan HS technology and engineering teacher Steve Johnston: “Our technology education department always tries to give back to the community. So this is just one of the ways that we do it. I think it helps the kids understand that they’re a part of the community. And doing things to help the community it is always good.”

Logan HS Junior Zachariah Mumm: “It’s always good when you have a skill and you can put it to good use and help some other people.”

The Kane Street community garden was established seventeen years ago. In its first year, it produced 500 pounds of vegetables. Now it produces nearly 70 times that amount, thanks to a large network of volunteers who keep the garden growing. It distributes the food to those in need and to people just wanting to learn more about healthy eating. The new tables will help the garden grow for years to come.

Todd Huffman: “These students, they’re a few blocks from the garden and they’re not just doing their own thing. They’re making a project that’s going to directly benefit the community.”

Tonight was the last harvest of the year for the Kane Street community garden. Those tables will be put to use first thing next spring to help water plants.

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