MADISON, Wis. (WLAX/WEUX) – A Madison man is in custody after police say he entered the State Capitol with a gun and was specifically looking for Governor Tony Evers.

According to Capitol Police 43-year-old Joshua Pleasnick first walked into the Capitol around 2 yesterday and went up to Governor Evers’ Office shirtless and with a gun.

It was then police say the suspect told officers he was looking to talk to the Governor telling them he “has access to a large amount of weapons and is comfortable using them.”

He first showed up with a handgun, was arrested then, after posting bail, showed up to the Capitol again. This time with a rifle seven hours later.

The Governor wasn’t in the Capitol at the time, and today praised Capitol Police for keeping lawmakers safe, “To their credit the Capitol police took control of the situation and it’s over but that’s always something that is. things you don’t want to see happen but that’s why we have good people in the police department and Capitol police and State Patrol.”

Capitol Police also say Pleasnick showed up with a dog on a leash which is now at animal control. No formal charges have been brought against Pleasnick yet.