Marquette University Law School Poll: Fewer Wisconsinites support impeachment

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It’s been the talk of the nation, the public hearings in the impeachment proceedings into President Donald Trump.

In Wisconsin voters aren’t viewing it as bad news for the president, according to a new Marquette Law School Poll.

“A little bit of movement in the President’s direction. But it’s fueled by Republican loyalty growing and democrats becoming just a little less intense in favor of impeachment,” said Marquette Law School Poll Director Dr. Charles Franklin.

Before the public hearings began, 44 percent of voters favored impeachment and removal from office.

This poll shows that number is now at 40 percent.

“We were in the field beginning on Wednesday, the first day of the public hearings, and we finished this past on Sunday night,” says Franklin. “So there were only two big days of hearings, this week we’re seeing still more testimony and what impact does that have.”

One of the big questions in the hearings are, did the President ask for an investigation of a political rival?

“51 percent say they believe the President asked the Ukrainian President for an investigation of President Trump’s political rivals,” said Franklin.

The other question is did he threaten to withhold military aid to Ukraine if the investigation didn’t happen?

Just over 40 percent believe that also occurred.

“That ten point gap is important. It means that a slim majority of the public accepts the first idea that the President asked for an investigation. But less than a majority accept the idea that the withholding of aid was part of that investigation,” explained Franklin.

While this latest poll was completed before this week’s testimony, Franklin says the new testimony that has been heard, and what is to come, could change the voters views even more.

“I think there’s a potential for opinion to move, especially in terms of agreement on the facts of the case, what happened,” said Franklin.

801 registered voters in Wisconsin were interviewed for this edition of the poll.

For a link to the Marquette Law School Poll click here.

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