CAMERON, Wis. (WLAX/WEUX) – Officer Emily Breidenbach’s brother, Mike explains, “This symbol here, that was kind of her thing when she was riding. If you’re riding behind her, she just kind of turn around… yeah, it was awesome.”

A day full of remembrance and memories. Mike says, “She couldn’t walk into a place and have somebody not know exactly who she was. Umm, and if she didn’t, for some reason, she met everybody in there and they loved her.”

Over 150 bikers signed up to memorialize Emily Breidenbach, a fallen police officer, to enjoy the thing she loved the most. Mike says, “Her and her fiancée, Shane, would travel down to Bike Week down in Florida every year. And just if you didn’t know where Emily was, they were out on the bikes. The friendships she made and the family she found along the way.”

This memorial bike ride took a month to plan, with the help of Emily herself. Mike explains, “Emily actually created this ride when she was fundraising for her K-9 for Grizz. So, we’re doing the reverse of her ride. We had to take out a couple stops just because it was so long, and there’s going to be so many people here. But this is not a ride that we decided on, and this was her ride, and we’re just doing the record.”

Mike believes she would have loved to attend. he explains, “She’d be having a blast. I guarantee you you’d be hearing her bike louder than any of the other ones. This. This is definitely right up her alley.” According to Mike, with plans already in place, the people she called “her crew”, will be making this an annual event.

The Emily Breidenbach Memorial Bike Ride offered a raffle, a gun drawing, and t-shirts to raise donations for Emily’s family.