Have a home improvement project that you just can’t seem to get done, something that you’ve wanted to do but have no idea where to begin? If that’s you, don’t miss out on a great opportunity to get your next project started, and with confidence.

In an effort to support the local community, Menards has invited local contractors into the store to educate their guests on how they can assist with home improvement ideas and projects. It’s a chance to meet with contractors face-to-face and essentially get the ball rolling on that project you’ve been putting off, or didn’t know could even be done.

Announcing a three-day Local Contractor Connection Event to be held in all Menards home improvement stores, including your local Menards. Independent contractors who can assist you with your projects will be available at Menards on the following three dates.

  • Tuesday, September 12th (4 PM – 8 PM)
  • Wednesday, September 13th (4 PM – 8 PM)
  • Thursday, September 14th (4 PM – 8 PM

This is a great opportunity for you to learn more about what a contractor can do to help with your projects. Don’t miss your chance to get your next project started. Community members helping each other, that’s what this is all about!