Merrill siblings help kids of all abilities learn to fish

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MERRILL, Wis. (WLAX/WEUX) – Siblings from Merrill who love to fish are on a mission to share that love with kids of all different abilities. Stella Porter talked to the college students at their first fishing event where they hope to create a community of special anglers. 

Travis and Alexis Wright know that feeling when a big fish bites

“Your adrenaline is rushing, and you just have the biggest smile you could probably ever have, just reeling in that big fish you’ve been going for so long,” said Travis Wright.

It’s a feeling they’ve kept chasing since they were kids.

Alexis Wright, Co-Founder of F.I.S.H. said, “We all share the love for it and go out and fish as much as we can and fish together”

Fishing means more to them than just casting a line.

“I think it’s honestly a good stress reliever in a way because it’s super calming just to like to sit there”,” said Alexis.

Their goal, to inspire differently-abled kids of all skill levels. F.I.S.H. stands for ‘fishing inspires special hearts.’

“Big place in my heart for children with disabilities. I just love working with them, spending time with them, and I love fishing. So, I put two of my favorite passions together,” said Travis.

“We kind of just both had this idea too, like, combine our love of working with them and fishing together,” said Alexis.

Sunday, their dream is coming to life at mystic ponds estate in Junction City.

Parents from around central Wisconsin like Rachel White bringing their special anglers to learn from the army of volunteers Travis and Alexis lined up. 

Rachel White, mother of Special Angler said, “Such an adult thing for them to do. For them to recognize and give kids this opportunity is so special.”

Tackled COVID-19 canceling their plans last year. They planned activities, lunch, and an award ceremony for the kids, together. There’s definitely no sibling rivalry here.

“We work well together because he’s big into fishing and I’m good with like the other sides of everything,” said Alexis.

They hope this event is just the start of building a fishing community for these kids.

“They have a whole community for them that always comes together and will help them out no matter what,” said Alexis.

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