LA CROSSE, Wis. (WLAX/WEUX) If you’ve filled up on gas lately, you might’ve noticed gas prices are on the rise. According to Triple-A, today the national average is $3.85. The Wisconsin average is a few cents lower at $3.74. And here in La Crosse County an even bigger Improvement as the current average is $3.66. 

Across the state, prices are fueling frustrations for those at the pump. Nick Jarmuz with 

Triple-A says it’s mostly due to recent weather. “That’s largely due to the heat wave that we saw recently. 

That reduced some refining capacity, particularly in the Midwest and Southwest. It’s hard to say when this trajectory might change. We do anticipate prices will come down in the fall.”

According to Triple-A, last year at this time the average price of gas in Wisconsin was $3.67. That is nearly ten cents lower than the current average.