North of Milwaukee lays Lion’s Den Gorge, arguably one of the most beautiful spots in Wisconsin. The hike to the gorge is just as captivating as the gorge itself. This park has a lot to offer, so here’s what you need to know.

Between Mequon and Port Washington, Lion’s Den Gorge offers the last remnants of undeveloped bluff land. There are trails and boardwalks laced through this 73-acre park, which is permanently protected as an Ozaukee County park.

Located along the lakeshore, the gorge is easily reached by trailing north. On the other side, a wooden bridge leads to another adventure. Immediately beyond the bridge, the edge of the gorge can be reached via a wooden staircase.

After the staircase, there is one last stop. Before you climb back up to the car, you can relax at a beautiful beach that’s at the base of the gorge along Lake Michigan’s shoreline.

There was once an animal called Lion’s Den Gorge that escaped from the Milwaukee County Zoo and spent several nights there. There are likely to be no lions here, but you might encounter some beautiful birds. Visit the Ozaukee County website for more information.