National Weather Service assesses weekend storm damage

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It’s the calm after the storm, with temperatures in the 70s and sunny.

But many are still feeling the affects of the severe weather over the past few weeks.

“The higher the humidity levels are, like we just saw very high humid conditions, that is what helped to fuel some very significant rainfall over the last couple of days. So those two do work in tandem with each other, but in terms of tornadoes anytime there is thunderstorms in the area the potential does usually exist, at least in some form, for a tornado to develop,” said National Weather Service Meteorologist Dave Lawrence.

Just in the past week alone there has been flooding, severe thunderstorms, high winds, and even two confirmed tornadoes in the region.

Lawrence says this is the time of the year the Upper Midwest experiences extreme weather, but adds in some respects the weather has been more extreme this year than in the past.

“This is not that unusual to see, the high amounts of severe weather that we’ve seen. The one thing that is a little unusual is we’ve continued to see widespread heavy rainfall. Some areas have already picked up anywhere from six and ten inches of rain in the last month,” he says. “So unfortunately that continues to drive a lot of flooding in some areas that have still not yet dried out since the winter and spring months.”

In 2019 so far, temperatures have ranged from wind chills of -50 degrees to heat index readings to 115 degrees.

While this has been an unusual year according to the National Weather Service, they can’t definitively say if it’s the new normal.

But they want everyone to be prepared for severe weather either way.

“This has been a pretty extreme year, but certainly this is the Upper Midwest as well and we are know for some very hot temperatures, very cold temperatures. Pretty much any type of weather that can occur, we can get it right here in the Upper Midwest,” said Lawrence.

According to Lawrence the thunderstorm season, and the potential for tornadoes, will continue to last a couple more months.

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