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La Crosse Mayor Tim Kabat welcomed a family into their new home Friday.
The new house is part of recent neighborhood revitalization efforts and it’s the first home in La Crosse to be built through a public-private partnership.
The Warrens are excited to move from Onalaska into their new home in La Crosse.
For Chris, it means a shorter commute to his job at Trane Company, and for Penny, they’re just blocks away from Aquinas Catholic Schools where she works and their two daughters go to school.
But the house means even more than that.
“We thought we were just buying a house. We didn’t realize all the history that a home was here and it was demolished, so it was kind of exciting to be a part of that.”
In 2012, the city acquired and then demolished a condemned home on Mississippi Street and put the lot up for sale.
Last year, Spies Construction of La Crosse purchased the lot for $10,000 and began building the house.
“It’s something we always wanted to do. And it just took off,”
The Warrens decided to purchase this home before it was even finished, which means they got to help plan some of the interior designs.
“We were able to give our own touch to it, paint colors, all of the plumbing fixtures,”
The home is part of the City and Planning Development department’s pilot program that aims to revitalize neighborhoods through private investment.
“This project is really important not only for the home owners who have a beautiful new house and neighborhood that is improved, but it also is good for the taxpayers,” said Bob Seaquist, La Crosse City Council District 8. “This home is worth almost ten times what was here before, so they’re going to be paying more taxes and as a result the rest of us in the city will be paying just a tiny bit less.”
The Warrens weren’t expecting the big welcome from the mayor and their new neighbors, but they’re happy to be there.
“Just glad to help improve the community, just to be a part of it,”
After the success of this first home, Spies Construction is building two more houses on other vacant lots in La Crosse.

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