EAU CLAIRE, Wis. (WLAX/WEUX) – Wisconsin is once again expected to play a big role in the 2024 election season. Our political analyst John Frank says, “People in Wisconsin want to see and talk to the person they’re going to vote for. They don’t want to just listen to a bunch of 32-second commercials on radio and TV.

Frank says Wisconsinites are no different from the rest of the country. They are growing frustrated with the polarizing issues. Frank explains, “We have two major conflicts going on around the world. We have difficulty with inflation and high-interest rates. There are just a ton of wild cards that are out there. It’s really tough to predict.”

Frank says with Wisconsin being a Purple State, the perfect candidate could be someone as close to the middle of the political spectrum, “Whoever that is on Election Day is probably the one that’s going to get elected.”

Wisconsin’s third congressional District was flipped last year with Brad Paff losing to Derrick Van Orden. Philip Swanhorst, who chairs the Eau Claire Democratic party, says “We didn’t get a lot of support there as much as we expected. I think that’ll be different this time. Realizing the importance of losing that seat and the importance of gaining it back.”

Frank says it all comes down to voter turnout. That district being a good example, “There are six college campuses, UW campuses in the third Congressional District. And so, if they can turn out those voters and they vote the way that most campuses are voting right now, this could be one heck of a race at the end.”

On the Senate front, incumbent Tammy Baldwin is not facing much of a challenge yet. That is not something Republican Party of Wisconsin Treasurer Brian Westrate is too concerned about, “We just want to help people understand that there is a choice, first of all, and what that choice is that you can choose less liberty and bigger government or you can choose more liberty and less government.”

Swanhorst says, “Let’s not believe after how many decades we’ve had to live with the philosophy that trickle-down economics works. It doesn’t.” He adds that there is much work to be done, “We got to get out there and tell people what we’ve done and how we want to continue doing what’s good for all the people.”

And everyone agrees meeting voters face to face is the way to go. Swanhorst explains, “We got to get out there and tell people what we’ve done and how we want to continue doing what’s good for all the people.”

Westrate adds, “Whatever candidate is seeking to win the people of Wisconsin, they need to come here. They need to participate in things with us. Secretary Clinton lost the state of Wisconsin because she didn’t come here.”

Another interesting thing that could happen next year is state elections. A redistricting effort is still underway with a lawsuit making it to the State Supreme Court. Frank says that could trigger elections for the entire state senate.