For many of us here in Wisconsin the Packers often make us Wisconsin Proud. With the 2022 NFL Draft approaching, the Packers will have some big shoes to fill with their first-round picks. FOX Football Insider Marty Hendricks and Digital Reporter Wes Hodkiewicz (HOD-CO-WITZ) have a discussion on what they think the Packers will do in round 1.

MARTY: I am Marty Hendricks with Fox2548. Very pleased to be with Wes Hodkiewicz of to discuss the upcoming 2022 Packer draft. Last year, round one. It was a little crazy with the bombshell announcement of Aaron Rodgers being unhappy in Green Bay. Little bit different setting for this year’s round one, correct?

WES: Yeah, I think so. I mean it’s funny; all four years that Brian Gutekunst has been the GM, something strange has happened. You know whether it’s the trade back with New Orleans a number of years ago or drafting twice and moving around as they did in 2019, and then obviously last year with the Rodgers news and everything that played into that. It kind of hovered over everything over the offseason and now things are in a much better place. I think Rodgers has spoken several times now about how he feels the lines of communication have improved.

MARTY: But there was a big departure. You know Davante Adams, but the Packers benefitted there with some draft picks. Can you just touch on how the Packers will probably look at the draft receiver-wise?

WES: Yeah, and that’s the interesting thing, Marty. I mean if there was ever a year in which you want to be able to bunch up some picks in the first and second round, this is probably it. I know there are a lot of experts out there that kind of refer to this as sort of a ‘super draft’ with the amount of prospects in college kids. Here we are once again. I mean, this is going to be another deep draft, especially at the receiver spot. The Packers sitting at 22 and 28, they have everything that they can do. I mean, they can move up if they want to go to try to get somebody, they can potentially move back as they did in 2008 when they felt good about Jordy Nelson.

Whether you want a Christian Watson who has the size and the speed or, you know, Chris Olave out of Ohio State, that’s a little bit smaller but certainly could be a deep threat. There are so many different options and as I’ve kind of said, there’s a different type of receiver for every type of offense depending on what a team is looking for.

MARTY: What do you think they’re looking for this in round one?

WES: Yeah, Olave would fit the bill in terms of the speed. I mean, it’s comparable in the 4-3 range there, but you know, 187 pounds he hasn’t really been the type of receiver the Packers have drafted a lot. In that regard, Christian Watson of North Dakota State and obviously Treylan Burks too from Arkansas, who had a phenomenal season last year and an even better Pro Day.

Those types of players are probably the ones that fit the bill a little bit more for Green Bay. You know, Brian Gutekunst really likes being able to look and find those six-foot-three, six-foot-four receivers that have some speed to them.

MARTY: If you had to pick right now, who would you take?

WES: I think Burks would make a lot of sense. I just love the way he’s tested. It kind of affirmed everything that he did last year at Arkansas. Six foot three, that type of range. With that sort of speed, it’s going to draw people’s attention. I think Watson’s probably the one that a lot of Packer fans are probably a little bit partial to. Yeah, the sentimental favorite. Obviously, there’s the Pierce kid to right out a Cincinnati that said he’s a Packers fan, so there’s him too. But I just think that Burks is he’s he is the total package at that spot and if he’d be there at 22 or if they have to move around a little bit, you know there’s some good defensive prospects too. But it’s been 20 years Marty since they’ve taken a receiver in the first round and certainly, Sammy Watkins might change the need for that spot. But this is the type of draft when you look at the depth in the picks the Packers have it would make a lot of sense to go the wideout route.

MARTY: Wes we so appreciate your insights.

WES: Absolutely. It’s a fun time to be following football, Marty. I’m excited about it.

MARTY: You got your buddy. Take care.

WES: All right. Thanks, man.

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