WASHINGTON Wis. (WLAX/WEUX) – Two property owners and a developer are once again looking to annex land into Eau Claire city limits. That land is currently in the town of Washington, and officials with the town say they do not support the proposal.

In February a judge ruled with the town of Washington, saying the land could not be annexed. The property owners have refiled another annexation petition and this time filed it as a majority petition rather than a unanimous petition, and it’s set for first reading with the city council this week.

“The first one was filed as unanimous. The court said they believe, to be unanimous, that needed the county’s signature. While we respectfully disagree with that result, the owners have decided to simply refile it as a majority annexation petition.”

With a majority property owner petition, the Eau Claire Deputy City Attorney says the approval from Eau Claire County is no longer necessary.

“There’s no question this time that the county signature is not needed.”

Micheal Peterson is the chairman of the town of Washington and says the town had a written agreement with the city of Eau Claire stating it would not annex property outside the service sewer area. Peterson responded to the petition, saying in part:

“We are firmly against the annexation and would strongly advise the city council members to honor the agreement that we have with them.”

Annexing the proposed land would allow the city of Eau Claire to extend its water and sewer services into the new city limits. The petitioners are hoping to develop residential properties on that land. 

The Eau Claire City Council will have the first reading of the new petition at today’s meeting. Council members are expected to vote on the petition on March 28th.