BARRON COUNTY, Wis. (WLAX/WEUX) – It’s been four months since officers Emily Breidenbach and Hunter Scheel were killed in the line of duty. Chetek Police Chief Ron Ambrozaitis says, “It’s rough. What’s the hardest part is just 50 yards from where they were killed. So, it is hard for us to be here, but it’s good I’m grateful for the county to bring this to us and give them this honor.

Now, a portion of county highway s-s between Cameron and Chetek will be honored with their names. The Officer Emily Breidenbach and Officer Hunter Scheel Memorial Highway.

Ambrozaitis added, “Besides the dedication for the two officers, I mean, it tells the community that we’re here, we’re protecting, and we are willing to give the ultimate sacrifice.

Cameron Police Chief Adam Steffen says, “We have to patrol there every day. We have to drive by there. The village limits are down past where we are here, probably a couple thousand 2,500 feet or so. But yeah, it’s just it’s nice to have this here.”

As both departments continue to heal, each police chief says that ongoing community support has been appreciated.

Steffen added, “It goes further than just Cameron or Chetek. You know, our whole county basically was in on this. You know, and I can guarantee you that I was telling somebody else here that we got it… We still get letters every day.

Ambrozaitis explained, “Day by day we’re kind of getting back up to full speed again, but it’s hard. It’s a struggle every day, every day coming into our departments and not seeing our familiar faces again. That’s the hard part. But we’ll get there.”

The signs remind the community of their lives and the legacy they leave with them.

Steffen says, “This forever will be Emily and Hunter’s stretch of Highway SS in Barron County.”

Last month the Barron County Board of Supervisors unanimously approved renaming the portion of the highway. Family of the two officers and fellow law enforcement officials attended the unveiling of the signs.