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     Fraternity Brothers came out to lend a helping hand to one of their own this afternoon. Earlier this month, Luke Henning’s barn burnt to the ground in Eau Claire County. The barn and everything inside was a total loss. The cause of the fire is not known. Today fraternity brothers from U-W Eau Claire came out to the farm to help remove debris from the fire. Reporter Neil Hebert reports from today’s cleanup effort.

     “It’s great. It’s brotherhood and I love it.”, is what Luke Henning, a former Eau Claire Delta Sigma Phi fraternity brother is saying in a time when he needed help the most. On October 5th 2015, Henning’s farm burnt to the ground and he needed some help removing the rubble.

      “I’ve been out for about ten years now and I really haven’t had a lot of contact with these guys, just here and there. They volunteered to come out here and help us out. It’s awesome.”, says Henning. The current Delta Sigma Phi brothers thought it would be a thoughtful gesture to help out a brother in need.

     Fellow fraternity brother Nick Webber said, “I asked whoever could help to come help. We’re looking to have over fifteen guys today helping out some guy that most of us have never met before. He’s still part of our organization.” Henning has been out of college for more than ten years and he’s still trying to help his brothers. “We’re really fortunate to have an alumni that’s given to us. I know he’s helped some brothers try to line up jobs before and he’s given opportunities to us. It’s really nice to be able to help him out when the time is critical for help.”, said Matthew Riedel, Delta Sigma Phi member.

     And although everything was lost in the fire, the brotherhood is still alive and thriving. Nick Webber, “It’s one of those things that when you join this organization, it’s very special. Fraternities are a lifelong membership and when somebody needs help, even if you don’t know them the best, we’re still going to be out helping you.”

     “I graduated and moved on. Life comes at you and 10-15 years later, something like this happens and these guys get ahold of me and say, “Hey, you need a hand?” It’s pretty cool.” Said Luke Henning.

       In Eau Claire County, Neil Hebert Fox 25/48 News at Nine.

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