Our final story of the month is about Heather Murphy, a Clark County dispatcher, Navy veteran, and organ donor, who always has an open ear for those in need. 

HEATHER: “My name is Heather Murphy. I am a communications officer with the Clark County Sheriff’s Office in Neillsville Wisconsin. So, when I found out I was nominated to be a remarkable woman, I got an email, I cleared my eyes and did a double take to make sure it was really to me. And I felt such excitement and such honor. I couldn’t believe it.”

STEPHANIE: “I’m Stephanie Werre. I work with Heather. So much has inspired me to nominate Heather. She has a remarkable story working with the sheriff’s department for 22 years. She’s helped a lot of people. There have been countless calls where she’s been that calming voice for somebody who is having their worst day. You know, the story with the loss of her husband and the gift of donating a majority of her liver to her mother to save her mother’s life.”

HEATHER: “In the spring of 2001, my mom was diagnosed with cirrhosis of the liver. They mentioned that an option for us would be a live organ donation procedure. On May 4th of that year, these doctors, certainly guided by God, removed 60% of my liver and took hers out, and replaced it with that lobe of mine. And that was 21 years ago. She has the same liver function that I do now.”

STEPHANIE: “I think the relationship with her mom and the things that she’s gone through in her lifetime definitely have inspired and driven her to consistently try to be a better person. Just seeing her and her day-to-day, as she comes to work every day, she always has a smile on her face.”

HEATHER: “The inspiration for me comes from being able to listen to people; sometimes they just need to be heard. Being able to help and being there for people at extremely dark times. I have an understanding of that. So, I feel I’m able to connect on that level.”

STEPHANIE: “I think with Heather being a Navy veteran, she has kind of instilled in her to serve and protect, and I think that she does that, more than just being a dispatcher. She is beyond remarkable in my eyes.”