MADISON, Wis. (WLAX/WEAU) – There’s a renewed push to get home caregivers some help from the state of Wisconsin. The AARP, along with the Wisconsin Aging Advocacy Network, announced they are asking state legislators to pass the “Care Act.” Supporters say it’s designed to help the almost 600-thousand unpaid family caregivers in Wisconsin.

Those are people who are taking care of an aging parent, sick relative, or someone with special needs. The Care Act would require hospitals to work with and train these caregivers to make sure patients receive the care they need while at home. 

Leslie Spencer-Herrera of AARP says, “To just have that extra help is what we are asking for, when your loved one is being dismissed, please give us the training we need so we can be more successful.”

The Care Act was first introduced in the State Legislature back in 2019 but supporters say they couldn’t get the bill across the finish line.