MADISON, Wis. (WLAX/WEUX) – A Wisconsin Congressman is calling for an apology from Derrick Van Orden after reviewing footage from an incident with senate pages this summer.

Democratic Representative Mark Pocan says he looked at security video from the capitol rotunda of an interaction between Van Orden and teenage pages in July. The Republican Congressman allegedly yelled at them after they were lying down to take photos.

A statement from Pocan about the footage says in part, “This video was bad and unbecoming of a member of Congress. This was abusive behavior intended to frighten these pages. Representative Van Orden’s behavior does not reflect Wisconsin values and he owes each of the pages and his constituents an apology.”

Pocan says due to privacy and safety concerns for the pages, the video will not be released. We reached out to members of Congressman Van Orden’s staff for a response and have not heard back.