WASHINGTON D.C. (WLAX/WEUX) – Wisconsin Congressman Derrick Van Orden is back in the United States after making a trip overseas to Israel. Speaking with WEAU earlier today, Van Orden said that despite having made multiple combat tours around the world, the things he saw in Israel were quote “the most disturbing things” he had seen in his life.

On Wednesday, the House of Representatives passed a resolution standing with Israel in its war with Hamas, which Van Orden said in a statement is the quote “action that is needed by Congress to show support”.

Now that a House Speaker has been elected, Van Orden detailed the next steps he believes the U.S. needs to take to continue showing that support, “What needs to happen now is we need to get together a comprehensive aid package for the country of Israel, everything from bullets to band-aids and everything in-between. And now I really have an understanding of what’s going on, speaking to their military about exactly what they need, speaking to their health care systems about what they need from that perspective.”

Van Orden says a group of U.S. Representatives is also being formed to work directly with a group in Israel’s equivalent of the House of Representatives, which he says has never been done before.