Residents in Osseo clean up after EF-1 tornado

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Osseo, Wis (WLAX/WEUX) – The weather today is calm.  But, it was a different story yesterday morning, as the national weather service confirmed an EF-1 tornado rolled through Osseo.​

Now, people there are cleaning up the damage. ​

“Start to finish it was less than 30 seconds.”​ said Jon Hageness

“It started to rain, and then it started to hail, and then I heard snapping and cracking and i told my girlfriend we better get to the basement​. A couple seconds later I heard this crash and saw the ceiling of the living room buckle down, and then it was total silence.​” Said Jon Hageness

Within those 30 seconds, an EF 1 tornado stormed through Trempealeau County.​

Monday, Hageness and others took time to see the aftermath.

Blake Johnson’s family trampoline ended up in his neighbor’s tree.

“It was at our swing set right over there, by our swing set.​ Said Blake Johnson.

“We got a building came from the south and a trampoline came from the north and they both ended up in the same place, kind of interesting how the tornado worked.​” Said Mark Martinson.

The residents will be cleaning up for a while, but the community here in Osseo is coming together to make sure everything is okay.​

I see at the neighbors there was a lady that lives down the road, there were at least 30 people over there yesterday with chainsaws helping clean up and everything.​ Said Mark Martinson.

“What an incredible crew that came out, we had tractors, we had friends, we had family, we had people showing up with chainsaws and just getting to work and just doing stuff, so we appreciate everyone’s help with this it’s been so humbling to have everybody’s hand in bringing this place back together.​” Olivia Hageness

Repairing a community, hit hard by mother nature.​ “To see everyone come together though, it was happy, it was nice.:​ Said Blake Johnson. We’ll be cleaning up all summer I’m sure, but life goes on.​ Said Jon Hageness.

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