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Many of us received an alert Wednesday night or woke up to it Thursday morning on our smartphones, saying there was a tornado warning in the area. When we get a message like this what are we supposed to do? Emergency management crews say the alarm is meant to be just a warning. If you get the alert, you don’t need to go in the basement or barricade yourself by any means.

Officials say it’s mainly to get people who are outside, in.

The phone alerts and outdoor warning systems are meant for outdoors, and not meant to always be heard inside.
“We set off the sirens when there’s a warning, whether it’s a thunderstorm warning or a tornado warning, so if you do hear a warning and your phone is going off it’s a message that you should go and investigate. Go and check you weather apps, go to the websites and turn on your local TV station and see what’s happening,” says Colleen Schian, risk manager for Eau Claire County.

Schian says it’s always good for your family to have an emergency plan as well.

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