LAKE HOLCOMBE, Wis. (WLAX/WEUX) – A new helipad in the town of Lake Holcombe has been in the works since the beginning of June. Officials say this will supply medical care to the rural areas twice as fast.

Fundraising Chairman, Kody Morfoot, says this is just the beginning, “I think this is an example of how local communities, when we see an issue and cannot wait on government budgets or corporation budgets to be approved, that we can, as citizens, kind of go beyond party lines, gather together ourselves, gather funding and complete a project.”

Town of Lake Holcombe Chairman, Brian Guthman, says the helipad wouldn’t be possible without its committee, “The different people from the community decided that this is what we needed. And they came together. And then we had a committee and just worked through all the things that it takes to do this.”

Morfoot says the helipad will be in use for years to come, “The land has been entered into a 99-year lease jointly with Cornell and Sheldon. They’re the owners of it, meaning it can be used for nothing else other than first responder landings.”

Cornell Area Fire Chief, Matt Boulding, adds, “It’ll benefit everybody, we’ll be able to have a helicopter here and secure-securely have them on the ground and keep the traffic flowing without having to hold everybody up.”

They began using the helicopter pad on Sunday during their ribbon-cutting event. While also introducing their next project. Morfoot explains, “Being that it’s Veteran’s Day weekend, we’re also holding it as a fundraiser for a local veterans memorial that’s currently being constructed.”

Officials say the helipad is now fully functional, with painting and minor touch-ups planned in the Spring.

During the event, a chili-feed fundraiser, with the goal of 2,000 dollars, was held to raise money for the new veterans memorial. Officials say more fundraisers are in the future.