RIVER FALLS, Wis. (WLAX/WEUX) – From Black Friday, to Small Business Saturday, Sunday marked the first ‘Artists Sunday’. The day is meant to encourage people to support artists, and maybe give something hand crafted during the holidays this year. First News at Nine’s Jessica Mendoza introduces us to one unique art form mastered by a Wisconsin woman. 

From the outside, this is just any old dairy barn in River Falls Wisconsin. But on the inside, it’s a safe haven. Where glass artisan Bonnie Rubinstein creates a rare form of art.

Rubinstein said, “It’s the perfect spot. My husband built this space for me and I have kilns and grinding machines and cutting machines.”

Rubinstein uses many tools and materials to create fused glass art in the form of lighting fixtures, small decor, and large glass murals. She considers herself self-taught and passionate.

“I gave up all my other professions really just to be involved in glass. It’s a full-time commitment because it’s a difficult medium to conquer,” said Rubinstein.

The year 2020 has been chaotic for artists like Rubenstein.

“A lot of galleries are closed. A lot of venues aren’t open for people to come see art.”

But her art is something she has control over.

“You can make the art happen the way you want it to,” said Rubinstein.

That is the message and reasoning behind the new trend of artists Sunday.

“How are artists supposed to make a living these days so, I think what they’re doing is really great,” said Rubinstein.

From clothing, to pens to paintings, art, and handmade items can be a unique and special gift to give this holiday season.

Rubinstein said, “It touches people, especially people who have a piece of art that they love and connect to it’s like some kind of healing element in the home.”

Most artists are offering discounts for artists Sunday, including bonnie Rubinstein studio who’s deals run until the end of the year.

A link to her studio as well as the other forty three hundred artists that are a part of the nationwide art shopping movement can be found on weau.com