Sen. Ron Johnson making stops across Wisconsin to talk election, Coronavirus

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Wisconsin Sen. Ron Johnson is making his way around the state, talking with voters about the importance of the upcoming November elections and answering questions on how the administration is handling coronavirus.

“We all share the same goal. We all want a safe, secure and prosperous America,” said Johnson said. “We want people to be able to raise their families in safety and security.”

Johnson was asked about how the president and his staff are handling the threat of coronavirus.

“I think this president has done a good job of managing this crisis. People need to have a very realistic idea of what we are dealing with here,” Johnson said. “You don’t want to overreact, we aren’t under-reacting. The administration has an all government approach.”

Last week the white house unveiled a $8.3 billion coronavirus emergency spending plan for vaccines, treatment and protective equipment. Sen. Tammy Baldwin said she expects Wisconsin will have positive cases in the coming months.

“Certainly, the coronavirus is a serious illness that we need to be prepared for,” Baldwin said. “I predict we will see community outbreaks beyond what we have already seen in the United States.”

Johnson said the appropriate steps are being taken to ensure the safety of Americans.

“We are getting the test kits out, training the lab technicians to validate that and hopefully within a couple weeks, we won’t have any limitations in terms of testing.”

Johnson said while there is still much we don’t know about the disease, he said the president is not taking the threat lightly. Baldwin, however, criticized the president for his administration’s response.

“He is not under-reacting to the coronavirus. He is taking decisive action,” Johnson said. “They are on the job here. They are gaming this out; they have contingency plans based on what the extent of the spread is.”

“The initial steps taken by the Trump administration were inadequate,” said Baldwin.

Johnson said people need to use basic practices to slow the spread of not only coronavirus, but also the flu.

“Basic common courtesy will not only prevent the spread of normal seasonal flu, which by the way kills between 10,000 and 60,000 thousand people in American per year,” he said.

For information on how the Chippewa Valley is preparing for a potential outbreak, click here.

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