WEST SALEM, Wis. (WLAX/WEUX) – Congressman Ron Kind hosted a virtual presser this afternoon ahead of the president’s visit to West Salem. Kind, who is facing a challenge from Derrick Van Orden in the third congressional race next Tuesday says the country is facing the greatest national security threat against a hidden enemy.

Kind was not happy to see a rally with thousands of Trump supporters in his own backyard.

Rep. Ron kind said, “And I doubt that there will be many facemasks being wore in that large crowd and people here feel it’s incredibly disrespectful for our frontline healthcare workers are putting in, our public health teams that are doing their best to keep people safe.”

“Now the president is coming in to one of the highest positivity rates of any state, hospitalizations and death rates skyrocketing in Wisconsin. He’s coming into a large group gathering with none of the public health precautions being taken.”