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There’s a lot of history of rope jumping here at Bloomer where the sport took off back in 1960 and each year students in grades 1-8 work hard to jump fast for the competition.

“It just makes me feel special. I hope if I do get it, it lasts for a long time.

7th grader Vaughn Zweifelhofer is among more than 200 kids competing for this year’s rope jump championship.

“I think about jumping over on every one.”

In ten seconds, kids jump as many times as they can, Zweifelhofer holding the record with 63 jumps.

“You have to use a regulation rope. It is a quarter inch hemp rope like I have around my neck here, it’s just a knot at the end, it’s a very inexpensive rope, and it probably costs 75 cents or a dollar.”

Paul Morning, originally from Bloomer, is currently the world rope jump champion.

“Well I tell everyone you just need two things, you need your body and a rope.”

Morning adds that jumping rope doesn’t have to be all about speed.

“Just jumping rope competitively over a period of time, I’m not talking speed, but just that activity helps with their timing coordination endurance, their stability all that to make them a better athlete.”

Kids came from as far away as Reedsburg and Philips, Wisconsin, jumping for a shot at the grand champion title.

In Bloomer, Abigail Hantke, FOX 25/48 News at 9.

Out of all the divisions, the top girl was Adrienne Morning with 52 jumps in 10 seconds. For the boys, Vaughn Zweifelhofer kept his title with 63 jumps.

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