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Senator Bernie Sanders told voters he’s ready to take on Donald Trump in the general election but first, he needs Wisconsin. Lindsay Veremis spoke with the senator about why the Badger state matters.
While hometown star Justin Vernon of Bon Iver got the room ready, today’s Eau Claire rally was clearly the Sanders show.
“We’re doing something pretty unusual in American politics. We’re telling the truth.”
The self-described socialist wasted no time in making distinctions, first calling out conservatives, alluding to Wisconsin’s voter ID law.
“We have republican governors who are working overtime to suppress the vote.”
Later, it was Hillary Clinton under fire. Sanders says she lags on environmental issues and is too dependent on big ticket corporate donors.
“We didn’t’ accuse her of anything. The fact is Secretary Clinton has received a whole lot of support from lobbyists. Paid lobbyist have given her the max.”
Sanders told the crowd middle class dollars are driving his campaign and the middle class is his focus
“You’ve got people working longer hours for lower wages. You have people in this state and in my state and all over America, they’re working not one job, they’re working two or three.”
Sanders calls it a rigged economy.
“Yes, they should be asked to pay more. The top tier owning too much of the nation’s wealth. Youth unemployment is off the charts.”
Catering to his youth base, Sanders drew cheers saying he’ll tackle student debt and make public college education free.
“If we want the best educated workforce in the world, why are we punishing people for getting an education?”
He also urged a 15 dollar minimum wage, calling Wisconsin’s rate starvation wages.
“Your governor, Governor Scott Walker may disagree.”
As for his chances on Tuesday, Sanders is confident.
“Let us have the largest voter turnout in Wisconsin primary history.”
The weather wasn’t ideal but people still came out in packs to support at the Sanders rally. Over 3400 people were inside the Zorn Arena today. Sanders’ campaign is estimating around 4300 people, including those in an overflow room.
Supporters expressed why they think he is the right candidate for president.
“I may not necessarily agree with every issue he has, but, in this field with our candidates, I have confidence he is the man with integrity and America’s best interest at heart.
“There’s an awful lot of work to be done and we’re going to need people behind him in the senate to help bring those progressive ideas to the forefront.”
“I was glad to find out that, not only did he say what he wanted to do, which sounded idealistic, but he actually seems to have a symbol of a plan.”
Several people I spoke with said they may not agree with everything he would try to accomplish as president but they say he has the best interest of the America.

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