Senate Discusses Eliminating G.A.B.

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The state senate is continuing its discussion on eliminating Wisconsin’s non-partisan election board.
The senate was set to vote today on getting rid of the government accountability board and instead creating two bi-partisan committees.
The g-a-b was created in 2007 to oversee Wisconsin’s campaign finances, elections, and ethics.
Republicans and democrats *disagree on whether the shift from non-partisan to bi-partisan is a good idea.

“I don’t think it’s a good idea instead of spending time putting together jobs programs in Wisconsin the republicans are fixating on campaign finance issues and bringing partisanship back into elections.”

“I think that the last couple of years have shown that nonpartisan really doesn’t exist, certainly in the state of Wisconsin these days so what makes more sense is moving to bi-partisan commissions.”

The bill would allow the two bi-partisan committees more time to focus on different parts of the campaign process like finance or ethics.

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