Senator Ron Johnson comments on COVID-19 relief bill in Eau Claire

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EAU CLAIRE, Wis. (WLAX/WEUX) – Saturday, Senator Ron Johnson was in town for the Eau Claire County Republican Caucus.

The senator said the event included discussions about election reform and keeping the republican party engaged. Johnson has yet to confirm whether he will run for senate again and told our reporters he is not in any rush, wanting to see how things play out and take his time.

In response to President Biden’s one point nine trillion-dollar covid relief bill passed by the house; he wants the spending to be more targeted.

Johnson said, “My recommendation is before we put out children another one point nine trillion dollars into debt, recognizing that real disposable per capita income is at five-point-five percent, savings are up one point six trillion dollars in 2020. On average the lowest quintile the lowest twenty percent of wage earners received about forty-five thousand dollars on average in transfer payments from a hundred different programs. Again, I’m not denying people are hurting what I would suggest is let’s target the remaining one trillion dollars better than we did in the past before we indebt our children for another one point nine trillion dollars. This isn’t money we have.”

Senator Johnson also mentioned he is predicting a boom in the economy– as more vaccinations are being administered.

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