“Quarantine fatigue” becoming a problem around the nation

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(WLAX/WEUX) – As cooler weather pushes Americans back inside during fall, there’s concern that increased close contact could be worsening the spread of the virus. Fox News Correspondent Alex Hogan has the story from New York.

As some states deal with a surge in COVID-19 cases. There’s concern “quarantine fatigue” could be a contributing factor to the spread.

“We’re just tired of being cramped up in the house, and we’re just all doing the best that we can, and enjoying this beautiful fall weather, because who knows what’s coming up next,” said a New York civilian.

While March and April might have been a shock to the system for most, many people are now settling into a new way of doing things.

Adi Malkan, civilian of Denver said, “Yeah, COVID fatigue is definitely going to be a thing, but I think this is one of the spots where you can kind of weigh the risks, and I’d be willing to take it in a park rather than somewhere else.”

Businesses are adapting well. This restaurant in Chicago setting up heated domes around outdoor tables., so they can keep business going even as temperatures drop.

“I haven’t eaten inside of a restaurant since March, since the pandemic started. So, I’m loving it,” said Chicago resident.

The U.S. surpassed eight million known cases this past week, with as many as 18 states reporting record numbers of new cases. The president’s Health and Human Services Secretary Urging Americans to keep up with precautions until the arrival of a vaccine.

Alex Azar said, “We’re seeing this happen because we’re getting colder weather and we’re losing that natural social distancing that happens from being out of doors, and people are getting tired. The American people have given so much, we’re seeing mitigation fatigue right now.”

An increased supply of rapid tests means millions of people are being screened each day. The U.S. since September has hovered around a positive rate of about five percent, and that is down from 22 percent back in April.

In New York, Alex Hogan, Fox News.

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