SPARTA Wis. (WLAX/WEUX) – With prom around the corner, one Coulee Region police department is concerned about underage drinking. The consequences of drunk driving, up close and personal.

First responders gathered outside Sparta high school Tuesday to show students what can happen if they choose to drive while intoxicated.

“With prom coming up this weekend, graduation in a couple of months here, I thought it was important that we do something like this,” said school resource officer Marc Nelson.

Nelson first came up with the idea. From there senior Brooklyn Schreier stepped up to help put the event together.

“Having this happen and having underclassmen to hopefully talk about this to the freshman, and their parents, and out in the community, I hope it gets around like this is a big thing happening, and we’re trying to raise awareness,” said Schreier.

Nelson is proud Schreier and other students wanted to be involved with the demonstration, saying their participation helps illustrate the problem is real.

“It lets the other students see them on a more personal level. Relates it a little bit more when they see one of their classmates laying there on the cot, being taken away by the funeral home, or even being run through field sobriety tests. I think that hits a little bit closer to home for them, and hopefully, the message will reach them a little bit better that way,” said Nelson.

Schreier says the lesson certainly resonated.

“It was more realistic than I thought it was, and it was kind of crazy watching your friends lay on the hood of a car dead, watch them get put in a body bag. It kind of hits home, it’s really scary. I hope everyone else got the message that you can kill someone. That is scary, don’t do it, like don’t drive and drink, that’s so dumb,” said Schreier.

The Sparta Police Department, Fire Department, ambulance service, and even Gundersen Air went through the full process of responding to a fatal accident. Students and law enforcement add they hope to see similar demonstrations happen more regularly in Sparta moving forward. The Sparta area school district has held similar demonstrations in the past, but today’s mock crash was the first since 2013.