MADISON, Wis. (WLAX/WEUX) – A tip line for students and teachers to report safety concerns *is working. This according to a new report from the Wisconsin Department of Justice (DOJ). Speak Up, Speak Out received 95% more tips than last year. 7,500 tips total within the past three years. The Safety Tip Line Project launched in 2020 from the DOJ’s Office of School Safety.

The tipline focuses on concerns for the wellness and safety of students and makes health and violence prevention efforts in schools. The top categories reported are bullying and vaping. 138 tips were about concerns of planned school attacks.

Every one of Wisconsin’s 72 counties were impacted this year, in most cases providing multiple services. Office of School Safety Director, Trish Kilpin, says, “We have really earned a reputation of handling tips and handling student concerns effectively and efficiently. So, our tips have increased.”

State funding was not approved for this tip line in the Biennial Budget passed earlier this year. The director of the Office of School Safety says if lawmakers don’t pass a separate bill to fund it this will be the last school year this resource exists in Wisconsin.