LA CROSSE, Wis. (WLAX/WEUX) – Spence Elementary School principal, Dana Eide says, “As I was greeting children coming in this morning, they were so excited about we’re going to have snow today and maybe it’ll be snowing during our fun run. That’s a great attitude and we are absolutely loving it. So, bring it on. We’re enjoying it.”

Spence Elementary School faced the snow for its annual fun run. The event brings students, families, and the community together for a day of active fun and fundraising. Eide explains, “The fundraising is for a lot of things that the school does well but could do even better with these great funds from our community, like field trips, extra supplies for the classroom, or other just kind of extension activities that’s kind of hard to do. So, we’re really grateful to have that support.”

Treasurer of the Spence Parent Teacher Organization, Christie Lindberg, says the school and community have done a great job making this event fun for the kids, “We were in here for the assembly that kicked off right before the fun run and just seeing the kids singing along, cheering, getting so excited was so awesome to see. Seeing my daughters out in the crowd was really cool. But then just seeing all the other parents that have showed up to help support and cheer on the kids, it’s just really cool. They’re all having so much fun out there and it’s just such a fun event and seeing the kids loving it just makes it so worth it.”

Principal Eide thanks the community for donating money to the fundraiser. She says,  “It was families coming together and donating what they can, what they’re able to. The children bringing in the funds and watching the chart where there’s a great big thermometer on the wall. I often see children gathered around it, kind of trying to see how their collective efforts are just growing and growing.”

The snow certainly didn’t take the fun out of this year’s fun run.

The fundraising began at the beginning of the school year and the goal was $12,500. Fundraising reached just over $13,000. This was the first time that the fun run event was held in the snow.