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All elementary school students in La Crosse will soon learn how to play a unique four stringed instrument in their music classes. But first, the teachers need to learn. 

3 are the students… and members of the Cheezland Uke band are the teachers. To play the ukulele, so that they can teach their third through fifth grade through a grant from the La Crosse public education foundation, the teachers bought a set of ukuleles to be shared among all the elementary schools.

“We thought it would be nice to offer another opportunity for our students to have something else to interest them in the arts, specifically music.”

 And these ukulele veterans are here to help.

“We kind of consider ourselves to be the ukulele ambassadors, so we said sure, absolutely, we’ll come and show…. they’re the music teachers so they have the theory, they have all the background, but they haven’t necessarily played the ukulele so we just showed them the tools they need to have. It’s becoming very popular again. It’s a very easy instrument to play. You have four fingers and it only has four strings. And there’s nothing complicated and you don’t have to know anything about music.

All the chord diagrams are kind of like paint by numbers. The difference between a ukulele and a guitar is that a ukulele has four strings, whereas a guitar has six, which makes it a little easier to hold on to. It’s a little bit less intense than maybe a bigger instrument or even a cello or a violin where they also have to use a bow. And the teachers are getting a passing grade today… they’re doing awesome, they’re very enthusiastic about it. And also having fun. You can’t frown and play a use.

In La Crosse, Erin O’Brien, Fox 25 48 news at 9.

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